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At Esperer Nutrition, we build novel nutrition for clinical disease management. We believe in creating a nutrition Conscious planet.

We at Esperer Nutrition strive to champion the role of nutritional therapies that have proven clinical, health & economic value. We aim to understand, treat & help prevent a range of medical conditions by leveraging nutrition and life sciences. With special emphasis on onco-nutrition, we intend to provide a 360 degree
solution right from preventive oncology, all the way up to cancer disease management using nutraceuticals. Esperer Nutrition also aspires to become a global pioneer considering drug-nutrient interaction as an important factor in chronic
disease management.

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Preventive Nutrition

Supportive Nutrition

Our Story

Esperer Nutrition resonates with the new-found hope that people have unraveled in the discourse of natural medicine and nutraceuticals.
Awareness about the merits of nutraceuticals has seen a steep growth curve, however, a knowledge gap still persists pertaining to creating the right nutrition therapy especially in the preventive nutrition space. Creating the right compositions as targeted medicine when it comes to chronic diseases like cancer requires extensive R&D. Resources are not easily available to people who are not associated with the niche of nutritional support.

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy that follows, by most cancer patients often results in malnutrition. The treatment is likely to not only kill the tumour cells but also the healthy cells which causes acute side effects like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite. By leveraging the knowledge of holistic nutrition and life sciences, we provide scientifically backed diet plans pursuant to preventive and supportive nutrition to address the problem of malnutrition in cancer patients post the treatment.

We also have a Preventive Nutrition range that helps combat micronutrient deficiencies for life threatening diseases. Esperer Nutrition, is in the process of launching a range of OTC products too which cater to many lifestyle disorders. With special emphasis on Onco-nutrition, we build holistic solutions to the global cancer portfolio from Preventive Oncology to Cancer Disease Management using nutraceutical as a complementary therapy for cancer patients across demographics


Malnutrition is often a challenge for patients undergoing chemotherapy as well as for the ones recovering. Expert nutritional intervention is required to address lifestyle correction and supplementation to cure the deficits the body is struggling to absorb. This is where we come in.
At EON, we stand for responsible nutrition backed by principles of biochemistry and biotech. Our products aim to channelize inner healing by replacing existing dependencies on consuming expensive, processed, strong, and chemical-based medications to 100% natural compositions of nutraceuticals. EON was founded with an aim to build alternative health-based nutraceuticals that helped consumers live a healthy lifestyle by offering them products that channelize inner healing by detoxing free radicals. Cancer and its treatments make the body vulnerable, rendering a greater risk of infection. With a well-balanced diet, our body can fight any external pathogen and stay safe. This helps not only in a fruitful recovery but also in building long term immunity against other communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Our Mission

We strive to bring forth new-age supply chain practices that promise
greater availability and accessibility to preventive nutrition products for
masses. The aim is to highlight nutritional equilibrium in the body as the
foundation of preventive healthcare solutions.

Commitment to Public Health

Approximately four out of ten cancers can be prevented through behavioral changes alone. An undernourished person is predisposed to infectious and chronic diseases because of poor immunity.
Predisposition to cancer is high in malnourished individuals. Weakness, fatigue, bone, and joint diseases are a side effect of the treatment rendered during cancer. According to the NCBI report, malnourishment is seen in 40% to 60% of cancer patients/ survivors. The Global Nutrition Report 2018 also reaffirmed the crisis of malnutrition in the nation by concluding that India topped the list of the most number of stunted children with 46.6 million children being recorded as having low height for their age.

For centuries we have believed in the health-boosting power of ayurvedic medicine, however with time the world gradually shifted to allopathic medicine. Faith in traditional medicine has dwindled as people are going back to the ancient roots of Ayurveda and naturopathy. These ayurvedic ingredients have given hope to many who have been cured, relieved, or protected from chronic diseases just by including nutrition-specific natural ingredients in their diet.

EON was founded with an aim to build alternative health-based nutraceuticals that helped consumers live a healthy lifestyle by offering them products that channelize inner healing by detoxing free radicals. Cancer and its treatments make the body vulnerable, rendering a greater risk of infection. With a well-balanced diet, our body can fight any external pathogen and stay safe.

Our Vision

We aim to build a Nutrition literate planet with a focus on oncological nutrition. We strive to maintain an ecosystem for cancer care and survivors through personalized and disease specific nutrition therapy, disease management, and expert guidance.

Making the Complex Seamless

Provenance of R&D in the niche of onco-nutrition lies few decades ago. Research in this field is a complex process and involves lots of factors to be considered before devising the right targeted solutions. We aim to provide not only simple personalised solutions but also aim to educate our customers about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ aspects of the process. We strive to highlight the role of complementary nutrition in the world of onco- care.


EON offers clinically proven patentable world-class nutraceutical formulations. Our products are 100% natural and diabetic friendly. We focus on building 360-degree solutions to a global nutrition portfolio and consider drug-nutrient interaction in research for each formulation. EON products are valued for money and our marketing and supply chain department are well distributed across the globe.


Understanding of nutrient requirements and the interactions between diet and health has been made pretty focus in recent days. We live in a time during which remarkable scientific progress is being made where it is also possible to meet nutritional requirements of patients for indefinite periods, even when they have lost virtually the entire GI tract. Significant progress is also being made in understanding of nutrient metabolism in specific disease. The role of nutrition in the etiology and management of obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other leading causes of morbidity and death is being studied intensively.

Keeping the above challenge in mind Esperer nutrition (EON) Research team primarily committed to focus on cancer nutrition as area of studies specially drug nutrient reaction considering the great innovation around cancer disease management globally. Esperer Nutrition team is carefully blended with intelligent supply chain along with  global access to enable inhouse research outcome in the field of nutraceuticals. We also believe that good nutrition-oriented medical practice must ensure adequate time for patient education, together with ready access to trained registered dietitians, speciality-wise.

Finally, I feel immensely glorified in sharing my experience and endeavours with all our clients, consumer, family members and stake holders who have entrusted their time as well as faith on Esperer Nutrition. The journey since inception till date has strengthened the foundation of the company by leaps and bounds. It’s time to commemorate our glory, struggle, our associations and our values with great pride and happiness.

Let Esperer Nutrition be your healthy nutrition partner and we guarantee to uplift your quality of life  to new heights of happiness.

Raktim Chattopadhyay

Founder & CEO, Team Esperer Nutrition

Raktim Chattopadhyay- Founder & CEO

A vivacious reader and an ardent storyteller, Raktim has always had a streak of creativity in perusal of all quests in life. He believes that the solution to any problem lies in its details and our ability to critically think through it. He was always keen on pursuing molecular biology in the field of nutraceutical and cancer science. Hence he pursued his higher education in the niche of physiology with specialization in medical nutrition from University of Burdwan. He is also pursuing PhD in Nutritional Intervention in Liver Carcinoma. Raktim draws his optimism and motivation from the foundations of human psychology. Understanding people’s needs and mental frameworks has helped him build an empathetic and pragmatic outlook. With his deep rooted desire to help people, he began his own venture – Esperer Nutrition. With his enthusiastic techno commercial team, he envisions to do something unique for society. With Esperer Nutrition he aims to bridge the urban-rural divide and allow greater accessibility and mobility in terms of cancer treatments and access to medication for everyone.

Arun Dubey (Director)

Alumnus of IIT Roorkee and GSB Stanford, Arun is driven by the mission to accelerate the startup ecosystem. His expertise lies in Business, Strategy, Operations and Investment of business in the niche of pharmaceutical industry. His skills and experience lies across a broad spectrum from R&D, manufacturing, corporate strategy, innovation to M&A. A serial entrepreneur in the niche of health-tech, clean-tech and education, Arun has been successful in galvanizing various national and international ventures with his strategic interventions. Working closely with EON, he believes that a scientifically backed and holistic approach to nutrition will work in tandem to his vision of creating a nutrition Conscious planet.

Dr. Vivek Srivastav- Vice President – MD, PhD,

R&D and Operations

With around 14 years of experience in the field of Alternative Medicine and Nutrition, Dr. Srivastava worked as Director of Enteral Nutrition Development Center (North East South East Asia) at Fresenius Kabi. Dr. Vivek pursued his Masters in Alternative Medicine with specialization in Herbals and Phytonutrients followed by Doctorate in Phytonutrients and Phyto -formulations. He has harboured a deep seated passion for Innovative research, Product development and curating pragmatic products based on scientifically backed claims in the niche of health and wellness with the successful commercialization of more than 75 formulations. His expertise lies in the R&D branch in Herbals and Nutrition. He has formerly worked at various CXO level positions with different ventures in the domain of Ayurveda and Nutrition. However with the rise of the Conscious consumer, a paradigmatic shift has been observed in the last decade or so. The scientific research changed gears to holistic nutrition and Dr. Vivek joined the discourse since its advent. With 30+ articles published, Dr. Vivek has garnered strong assets in terms of networks, talent pool and resources in the domain of Herbal therapy and Nutrition with his commendable contribution in Techno- commercial sphere.

Madhumita Manna- Vice President, Consumer Health,

Esperer Onco Nutrition (EON)

Madhumita, an IIM Calcutta alumni in Business Management having 20+ years of experience in managing profit centres and has led diverse businesses like FMCG, FMHG (Fast moving healthcare goods), media & luxury goods, while working for multinationals & national companies like Kodak, J.K Ansell healthcare, World Gold Council, Pfizer Ltd, Torrent Pharma
& Dr Reddy’s Laboratories in various leadership capacities.
She has been instrumental in launching & turning around businesses through new market creation, innovative business models and insight-based strategies with several flagship brands, namely Gelusil, Becosules, Becosules Performance, Corex, Listerine, Benadryl, Selsun,Ferradol, Wysolone, Unienzyme, Cetrine , Nise, Vicks and many more.
Madhumita has a passion for understanding consumer needs and analysing market trends & changing consumer dynamics, as well as linking the same with innovative strategies that help differentiate the products in the marketplace
Madhumita was amongst the “The Most Talented Healthcare Leaders” in 2016. This was
at the World Marketing congress.

  • Madhumita won the Pfizer Global Commercial Excellence Awards 2013 for Trade Marketing Strategies.
  • AWACS award 2014 for Marketing Excellence “Pharma Marketing Excellence” for Becosules was also won by her.
  • The Listerine Digital campaign which she spearheaded with her team, won the Emvies Gold 2007 & was shortlisted for Cannes. KS sports was rated the No.1 campaign in its year of launch and several Gelusil campaigns have won awards too.

Presently, Madhumita is part of senior management team in Esperer Nutrition (EON) and working as Vice President, Consumer Health.

Our Management Team


Dr. Anubhab Mukherjee

PhD, Principal Scientist – R&D

Dr. Anubhab Mukherjee, PhD
Principal Scientist – R&D

A former member of Laboratory  of  Nanomedicine,  Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard  University, Boston, USA, Dr. Anubhab Mukherjee is an ardent votary of science who strives to make an impact in the lives of those afflicted with cancer and other chronic/acute ailments. He completed his Ph.D. from CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, India, having been skilled with RNAi, liposomal drug delivery, preclinical cell and animal studies. He pursued post-doctoral research at College of Pharmacy, Health Science Center, Texas A & M University and was involved in another postdoctoral research at Department of Translational Neurosciences and Neurotherapeutics, John Wayne Cancer Institute, Santa Monica, California. In 2015, he worked in Harvard-MIT Health Sciences & Technology as a visiting scientist. He has substantial experience in nanotechnology-based formulation development and successfully served various Indian organizations to develop pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical formulations. He is an inventor in many US patents and an author in many peer-reviewed articles published in various international journals of repute. Dr. Mukherjee is currently serving as Principal Scientist, R&D at Esperer Onco Nutrition (EON) Pvt. Ltd. and heads the Hyderabad R&D center of the organization.


Dr. AVS Suresh

MD, DM, Consultant Medical Oncologist
Head – Medical Affairs

Dr. AVS Suresh, MD, DM, Consultant Medical Oncologist
Head – Medical Affairs

A great combination of deep science and research, Dr. AVS Suresh is a physician scientist, an entrepreneur, an academician and an inventor. Presented with a wide range of career choices, thanks to an illustrious academic background, it was his keen interest in translation-research that led to his steep growth, both as a physician and a scientist. Carrying 15 years of clinical experience, he is currently the chief of stem cell transplants and a consultant medical oncologist and hematologist at Continental Hospitals at ONCOCET Hospitals Hyderabad, his experience of a decade has fueled him to actively participate in research related to oncology. He is the founder-director of some of the most trustable healthcare organisations, and also the executive board member of FIGHT CANCER GLOBAL. His notable efforts in the field of Oncology can be seen in various national and international publications.

He is a member of several professional organizations including ASCO, ESMO, ISO etc. He teaches medical students, works on creating new molecules and processes and gets a few patents (8 so far) on the way. He explores the interplay of physiological systems leading to diseases
He has received countless awards such as Scholar in Training by AACR, Best Oncologist by MT foundation, Best Entrepreneur Award from Indus Foundation and Best Social Service and Distinguished Work from the Rotary Club of Hyderabad.


Dr. Ghanashyam Biswas

MD, DM, Medical Oncologist

Dr. Ghanashyam Biswas, MD DM
Medical Oncologist, Clinical Adviser

Part of over 35 clinical trials both in India and globally, Dr. Biswas has an extensive experience of more than 12 years. He has been an academician since 1999 and is currently associated with the Department of Medical Oncology, IMS Sum Hospital, as a teaching faculty. He has been mainly involved in professional work and research around oncology and leukemia. Dr. Biswas is also a lifetime member of esteemed associations related to his field. He has organized and been a part of various national and international medical conferences over the years. He is a full time consultant Medical Oncologist and Executive Director at Sparsh, and visiting consultant at Kalinga hospitals and BR Life, Odisha.


Ms. Naaznin Husein

Nutrition Specialist, Principal Coordinator – Nutrition & Dietetics

Ms. Naaznin Husein, Nutrition Specialist
Principal Coordinator Nutrition & Dietetics

Founder of FREEDOM Lifestyle and Wellness Centre, Naaznin Hussein is a nutrition advisor to many celebrities, sports personalities and also JSTI (Joint Services Training Institute, a training institute for Navy, Army and Airforce) at INS Hamla. She has organized workshops for many big names including Jet Airways, HDFC and Indian Oil. Her contributions in the niche of Healthcare through thesis and research under both governmental and non-governmental organizations have been valued through the years. She is also the national executive member of IDA and the ex-president of India’s biggest professional body of dieticians, Indian Dietetic Association. She was also the national representative of IDA for signing of the MOU with Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (Nara Chandra Babu Naidu) for AMTZ and Kalam Institute of Health and Technology, a landmark project and collaboration for IDA.


Mrs. Anjali Nair

Head Dietician, Ex-Chief Dietician – Tata Memorial Hospital

Mrs. Anjali Nair, Head Dietician
Ex-Chief Dietician – Tata Memorial Hospital

Ms. Nair has professional experience of over 4 decades, and has received numerous accolades for her notable contributions to the field of nutrition. She has attended and presented papers on oncology nutrition at more than 4 international conferences globally. She is also a lifetime member of many prestigious nutrition and health related associations and societies, including the Nutrition Society of India. Currently, she is faculty at SVT College of Home Science & BNM College of Home Science.

N.Chandramouli (2)

Mr. N Chandramouli

Brand Advisor

N. Chandramouli
Brand Advisor

The background has been quite a mosaic – but mostly always been an entrepreneur. Have been in the communication industry for over a dozen years with most of the focus being on reputation and trust and its understanding, analysis and measurement. Mr. Chandramouli is a well known name in the dynamic world of brands and communication. The managing director of India’s most attractive brands, he has set the benchmark for excellence in terms of brand trust. He has also authored a book, “Decoding Communication.”


Mr. Amit Shrivastava

Consultant – BD

Amit Srivastav
Consultant BD

Alumnus of  Birla Institute of Technology,Mesra, Mr Amit Srivastava is a pharmacist. He further pursued his interests in business   risk   management   from the reputed  Indian   Institute   of   Management, Bangalore and Fellow International business management from GITAM University. Mr Amit took on Biovalley Incubation Council as Director and CEO in his pursuit to develop smart technologies with a research oriented approach. He steadfastly supported startups in the domain of Nutraceuticals and Ayurveda. He believes that these domains have potential for growth and the capacity to  build high tech clinical nutrition companies. Amit is a nutrition evangelist and a passionate Phoodhacker, who believes in hybridizing precision of pharmaceutical science and the food science to hack the bio-system. Mr.Srivastava  is also the founder of Nutrify India and Responsible nutrition association of India and advisor to Nutraingredients Asia pacific advisor committee.


Mr. Sundar Raghvan

Consultant – SCM

Sundar Raghwan
Consultant SCM

Mr. Raghavan has led TAPAS (Think-Act-Progress Associates) for close to 8 years now. In a career spanning 19 years, he has worked in collaboration with executives from manufacturing, supply chain and project organisations. Using his rich experience, he has maximized profitability and supported the growth of many big-scale companies.  He is also an internationally certified TOC expert.