About 4 in 10 Cancers

Are Preventable Through Behaviour Changes Alone.

Prioritizing Nutrition

The case for prioritizing the prevention of cancer is strong: cancer can take a heavy personal toll on those affected, and the global burden of cancer is high and rising, yet many cases of cancer are preventable. What is more, preventing cancer has additional benefits both for other common NCDs (non-communicable diseases) and also for the environment.

Prevention of additional cancers and other NCDs remains important after a diagnosis of cancer, hence the recommendation for cancer survivors – people who have been diagnosed with cancer, including those who have recovered from the disease.

Esperer Nutrition is equipped with the knowledge needed to prioritize cancer prevention and reduce the number ofdeaths from preventable cancers.

Answer to Cancer & Other Critical Diseases

We aim to understand, treat and help prevent a range of medical conditions by leveraging nutrition and the life sciences.