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Nutrition Support for BMT Patients

Recovering bone marrow transplant patients need 50-60% more calories and twice as much protein in their diets than healthy individuals of similar age and gender. BMT patients can experience prolonged poor appetite alongside vomiting and diarrhoea. Malnutrition is a consequence. The side-effects associated with BMT can be very well handled with nutritional interventions. To manage nutritional insufficiencies, EON Pvt. Ltd. brings to you Fortitude BMT.

Keeping Gut Healthy During & After Cancer Treatment

Cancer may wreak havoc on the human microbiota. Several microbiota sub-populations may expand during pathological dysbiosis & therefore produce high levels of toxins capable, in turn, to trigger both inflammation and

Maintaining a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in the colon plays an
important role in management of many diseases, including cancer. In cancer
patients, maintaining this balance is often a challenge, potentially impacting
treatment(s) and leading to difficult side-effects. Hence, it’s important for cancer patients to be aware of the dangers, and to have tools to help prevent and manage them.

Diet affects the host health status by modulating the composition of the gut
microbiota. Hence balancing the gut dysbiosis with subtle nutritional measures becomes imperative.
To ensure a healthy functioning of the gut by the reversal of gut dysbiosis,
EON Pvt. Ltd. presents Fortitude GH.

CKD & Cancer: A Troubling Connection

Kidney transplant recipients have a threefold to fourfold increase in overall cancer risk, and relative risks higher than that for about 20 specific tumors, most, but not all, of which are known or suspected to be caused by viral agents. After dialysis, cancer risk increases 10% to 80% according to studies, with relative risks significantly higher than in the general population, for about 10 cancer sites.

There is emerging evidence for an excess risk of cancer in patients in early CKD stages.

Nutrition and its management prevent and treat protein-energy wasting, mineral and electrolyte disorders and other metabolic comorbidities associated with CKD.

In order to take care of such comorbidities, EON Pvt. Ltd. presents Fortitude CKD, the nutritional back-up for cancer-related CKD.

Wound Healing:

Optimal wound healing is impeded by nutritional insufficiencies decreasing the rate of recovery, especially in cancer patients. Also, malnutrition is closely associated with decreased wound tensile strength & increased infection rate. Hence for optimal wound healing nutritional deficiencies need to be tackled first.

To enhance post-operative wound healing, it seems that cancer patients require higher amounts of micro-nutrients than healthy individuals. Because vitamin D deficiency is highly prevalent in oncological patients, improvement of vitamin D status is of special interest.

We are working towards specific nutritional requirements to be fulfilled during wound healing which accelerates the healing process.